Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#MTBoS12days ... Tried 'n True

Sharing a few strategies that I am using often this year ...

1) Desmos Activities - since our Algebra 2 curriculum is all about functions, we analyze graphs often.  Typically curriculum is set up to explore the graphs before exploring the applications.  Building Desmos activities for the graphing units has been challenging for me ... and engaging for students.  I also use the Desmos Polygraph activities and look forward to using Marbleslides!

2) BrainGenie - Class time is spent in delving as deeply into math concepts as we can.  We don't use class time to practice skills very often.  A colleague mentioned BrainGenie - and I love it!  It provides the routine practice that students need with video support and immediate feedback!  And it's free!

3) Partner Quizzes - One day our desks were seated in pairs and I was giving a quiz.  I decided to let the quiz be a partner quiz.  I was so impressed ... listening to students quietly working on problems together, questioning one another, coaching one another.  I decided to give another one in the next unit.  Obviously not all quizzes can be partner quizzes ... but there is definitely an upside to allowing students to work together even on quizzes.

I'm looking forward to collecting the tried and true reported in blogs this week!


  1. I like how you mentioned partner quizzes. I wrote a post a few weeks ago on partner quizzes. Here is the link for it. I would be curious to see if we had some of the same ideas regarding these.

    1. Read your post - great work! I let students choose their partners. I give limited time to complete their work. I expect students to show their work. I don't give different problems - the two partners work on the same questions.

  2. Do you create assignments in BrainGenie, or just point students to it as a means of practice? Do you ever use it in class? I use (the main site) as support (I create assignments and encourage students to use the site, but don't require it); I'm not clear on whether the two sites actually link together. Thanks! - Wendy

    1. I do create assignments in BrainGenie. I select specific skills I want students to practice and give them 1 - 2 weeks to meet the goal. I give them a grade for meeting the goal (minor grade). I have looked at the site, but I have not used that part.

      I don't use BrainGenie in class.


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