Thursday, March 2, 2023

Pi Day Activities

How will you celebrate PI Day on Tuesday, March 14? I'm sure you have the basic math ideas already ... but what about creative writing, games, and crafts? Here are a few ideas to consider ... 

Idea 1 - a game:

In groups, have students race to see who can be the first to roll the first 10 digits of pi. You’ll need some 10-sided dice and a template for the first 10 digits like this:

Idea 2 - a paper chain:

Create a PI DAY chain with loops of construction paper. Use a different color for each of the 10 digits. How long will your chain be?

Idea 3 - creative writing:

Write "PI-Ku" poems ... modeled after Haiku. Who can write a meaningful poem using the first 10 digits of PI?

First line: 3 syllables
Second line: 1 syllable
Third line: 4 syllables
Fourth line: 1 syllable
Fifth line: 5 syllables
And so on ... 

Idea 4 - music:

Create PI - Music. In pairs, assign students a digit 1 - 9. Let 0 = a rest. Each pair must come up with a unique sound for their digit, which might include a musical instrument if those are handy, electronic notes if computers are available, or tapping, clapping, or banging. Display the first 20 (or more digits of pi). Students "play" their sound when you point to a digit. Practice your PI symphony until students can play it smoothly.

Idea 5 - art:

Using graph paper, fill in the blocks based on the first 20+ digits of PI. Color the books black. Then wash the paper with watercolors to represent the sky.

Idea 6 - word fun:

In pairs or small groups, ask students to brainstorm as many words as they can that start with PI-.  Then go around the room, each pair or group naming a unique word until there is a last group with one more PI- word.  That group wins the prize!

Check out these books - for added fun!