CoVid19 Resources

Due to the CoVid19 virus, many people are homeschooling, creating remote distant learning lessons, looking for ways to keep our children active in learning.  I am compiling resources here for you (not all are just math ... some include other subjects).  Many of these are free for a limited time due to school closings.


Starfall:  PreK - Grade 3, Reading, Math, and Music, Online Games
Bedtime Math for Families:  K - 5, Math, Downloadable Activities
BrainPoP:  K-3, 4 - 8, ELL, Spanish, French, All Subjects
Freckle: K - 8, Core Subjects
PBS Learning Media
Mystery Science
Pebble Go by Capstone
Pinna (ad free, screen free streaming service)
Math Elementary School Closure Lessons by Grade Level
StoryLine Online
I Know It
Scholastic Learn at Home
Podcasts for kids
EPIC (30 day free trial)
Khan Academy
Study Island
Doodle with Mo Willems
Educational Board Games
Playdough, Slime, Goop


Desmos Teacher Built Lessons
Delta Math
Everydae SAT Prep
Hawkes Learning
PhET Science Labs
Science Education for Public Understanding
Scholastic Learn at Home
Podcasts for Teens
Khan Academy
Study Island
Math WebHunt
FREE online books for teens and young adults

Online Lesson Delivery

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