Thursday, December 31, 2015

#MTBoS2015 Favorite Blog Posts

Identifying favorite blog posts from the past year is a challenge.  I read many, think about them, but I don't necessarily save the blog posts.

First ... the ongoing conversations through Twitter and blogging that have had the most impact on my instruction this year have been around the book Make It Stick.  Type in that title in the MTBoS search engine and many posts will pop up!  Read them all ... informative and inspiring!

The post that I wrote that I like the best wasn't seen by the most (or fewest) people ... but it still resonates with me!  The prompt was what is one significant practice in teaching?  I focused on planning.  With that in mind ... here are a few posts from other folks that helped me in lesson planning this year ...

17GoldenFish shares thoughts on starting with completing the square in quadratics!

Five Twelve Thirteen's post on polynomial tasks is rich with ideas!

Ms. Z Teaches in Mathland also posted on polynomials.

Infinite Sums posted a "how-to" on rational functions.

I used many more ideas written in previous years!

Last - from my own collection, the post that had the most hits, was seen by the most people, was on creative thinking in math based on PD from this past summer.  I'm curious how these ideas might have been used in classrooms!  If you used them, or created your own, please share in the comments!

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