Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#MTBoS12days Start ... Stop ... Continue ...

I haven't thought about school for 10 days!  Not sure I'm ready to think about it yet ... but going to give it a try!

Start ...

  • Walking daily!  Since the summer heat, I haven't worn my fitbit, haven't walked with any consistency.  And it shows!  So ... time to power up the fitbit and get started again!
  • RE-start ... blogging ... maybe :)

Stop ...

  • Stumped here ... will give this more thought!

Continue ...

  • Daily quizzing ... Students take a short quiz every class day.  I use Google Forms, grade it with Flubaroo, and email their scores.  They know the skills they need to work on, the skills that are sharp!
  • Listening to students about the apps/tools they prefer!  This semester I learned that while students get excited using Kahoot, they don't feel like it is helpful to learning.  ON the other hand, they LOVE Quizziz!
  • Putting lessons on unit websites.  I started creating mini-websites for each unit with all of the lesson components embedded.  Students seem to like it much better than Google Classroom ... and it is easy for me to manage.
  • Random seating and high fives have been more of a hit in class than I thought they would be.  I did slack on the random seating this last six weeks ... let students choose their partners.  January will be a good month to mix it up again!

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