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I am an educator!  My experience in schools varies widely. I have had the privilege of serving students in positions as a classroom teacher, a district consultant, and school principal. I am passionate about learning and have found all of these positions challenging and satisfying.

I love to teach folks of all ages! I have experience in elementary, middle and high schools.  In K - 12 schools, I have taught math and English.  At the university level I have facilitated online instruction in curriculum, instruction, and gifted education.  In professional development settings I have presented on several topics including problem solving, math enrichment topics, and differentiation.

In this blog I focus on math education and my experiences as a high school math teacher.  I invite your comments and collaboration!  Please feel free to contact me at  ...  algebrasfriend{at}gmail{dot}com.

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  1. Thank you for your messages. I leave in Edgewater, Florida, right outside Daytona Beach. I read all about the Dan Meyer 3-Acts, and what would you rather do and other math ideas and would love to learn how to incorporate them into my classes. Maybe I am reading a bit too much into it but would appreciate any guidance anyone may give. Next year, I will teach the algebra 1b students; those who must take algebra 1 over two years. I am hoping to make a great difference in their lives. Students must pass algebra 1 to earn a diploma.
    I thank you for your help.

  2. My dad retired a few years ago after being a Calculus teacher for nearly 30 some years...and apparently he missed it because he is currently teaching math in Las Vegas! My sister is also a middle school math teacher! (I am not a math teacher- ha!) Have a great school year!

    1. Lindsay - thanks for stopping by and leaving a note! I think once teaching gets in your veins it's difficult to stop! I've been at this more than 30 years ... and loving my students!