Monday, August 4, 2014

#70Days Sharing the good news

Today I had the opportunity to share some math ideas with teachers from various schools in our district.  There were only a few teachers - I had hoped for more participants.  Nevertheless we had good discussions.

Of course, most of the resources I shared are creations from MTBoS teacher leaders.  And all of these resources were new to the participants in the workshop!!

@mr_stadel  Estimation 180; 
@fawnpnguyen  Visual Patterns and Math Talks; 
@ddmeyer  101 Questions; 
@Desmos  Desmos, Daily Desmos, and the classroom projects
@Jstevens009  Would you rather math
@MathMunch  Math Munch
@samjshah  Explore Math

I also shared @Five_Triangles  Five Triangles and Median by Don Steward.

While I was sharing, I encouraged teachers to visit the MTBoS website, to check it out, and to connect online.

I felt like an evangelist today :)

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