Friday, January 3, 2014

Thinking out loud - in planning mode

So building off yesterday's post about how to frame the work next week ...

I don’t want to start with direct instruction … my students are able and need more time grappling with math.

What if I start with the data collection lab?  Students have enough background knowledge to do it justice without explanation.  And if they get stuck I can give them some help.

After the lab and after working through the attached problems, I’d like students to create the notes they need for analyzing a square root function.  Maybe if I create a list, better yet, a graphic organizer for the information they must know … but leave it to them to fill it out.  Then they can compare information among their classmates.  After they have done that work, then I could fill in gaps if needed or structure a conversation for them to fill in the gaps.

I like this plan better than my typical daily plan of setting up the work for them. 

Now I just need to create that graphic organizer and determine what specific practice students might need.

Where are you in planning for the first days back?  How do you engage students in critical thinking?

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