Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ZAP!! Review Game

 I saw this game called ZAP on a couple of websites ... here  and here and here!

I decided to create my own ZAP board ... in preparation for review day.

At the end of the last semester I asked students for feedback on our class and our activities.  One activity they said they liked was playing games to review for tests.  BUT I was tired of the football and basketball games.  So I started hunting for a new way to play!

I didn't have library pockets and didn't want to go out to buy them.  So I used half size index cards and tape to create pockets.  I found some old construction paper already cut into strips ... about 2 x 4 inches.  I also found stickers that I had purchased over the summer.  So ... it took just a few minutes to create pockets and cards.  Then I wrote varying number of points on the cards along with a few silly actions, and the word, "ZAP."

We play on Friday!  Maybe I'll have a great learning experience to report!


  1. Replies
    1. Anisa -

      Some cards included:
      Do the chicken dance and earn 100 points
      Dance like ballerinas and earn 50 points
      Jump, Shout, Cheer and earn 50 points
      Give all of your points to another team
      Trade your points with the points on another team

      We played the game today ... it was a huge success!

  2. late comment is LATE, anyway I played yesterday and added 'cookie eating contest' and 'make a math dance'

    1. Love comments late or not ... so glad you added ideas ... love make a math dance :)