Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to frame the work?

Second semester is looming.  Fortunately, we get one work day on Monday before students arrive on Tuesday.  I want to plan and I don't want to plan ... it's a strange conundrum!  I am enjoying this time away from the constant thinking/planning/creating!  But second semester is looming.

Our Algebra 2 curriculum is based around functions.  We started with linear functions and systems, next absolute value functions, and then quadratics.  With each function we explore the key characteristics, transformations, how to solve, and applied problems.

In second semester we will start with square root functions.  But before we jump into those completely, we will review the concept of inverse functions.  We discussed inverses in the very first unit in which we explored a variety of parent functions.  At that time we mostly looked at using a table to determine the inverse.  We didn't discuss composition of functions.

So our unit plan looks like this:
Day 1:  Inverse Functions
Day 2:  Data Collection and Key Characteristics of Square Root Functions
Day 3:  Transformations of Square Root Functions
Day 4:  Solving Square Root Equations
Day 5:  Applied Problems

Since we have studied 3 functions already with this same pattern, students should be able to generalize from previous functions to the square root functions the basic concepts - especially key characteristics and transformations.

So ... that brings me to this thought ... how can I frame our work for the coming week to maximize student independence and critical thinking?

Any ideas?

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