Sunday, September 8, 2013

Systems Foldable

We will finish up our current unit on characteristics of functions this week!  Yea!  And then we dive right into a short, 4-day unit on systems of equations.  The only new information in this unit that my Algebra 2 students didn't do in their first year algebra course are the type of word problems.  Most of them have not had to do wind and river current problems, and these are required in our Algebra 2 curriculum.  I'm looking for ways to build depth/complexity into this unit since it is mostly review.  If you have ideas ... please share!

To review systems I created a "foldable" that fits in my students 3-ring binder.  I am debating about whether or not to leave my typed notes in the foldable ... and just have students work an example of each.  Students can snip the table on the dotted lines, cover up the information as their study guide.

Here is a link to the foldable if you want to check it out!  Print it double sided and it should line up.

If you have a favorite systems activity, please share in the comments!

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    1. Anita, thank you for stopping by! YES! We use all sorts of foldables in Algebra :)