Friday, September 13, 2013

My Fav Friday ... 2 techie tools

I use CamScanner, an app on my phone, almost everyday.  CamScanner will scan a document in as a pdf and from there you can share it to various media.  I simply hold my phone over a document, student work, my notes, a key that needs to be posted; then take the picture, and the app does the rest.  Super easy, and faster than the old scanner I have here at home!

My other favorite tool is a Google Labs app called Canned Response.  Our district uses Gmail.  All of our students have Gmail accounts.  When I am grading papers and a student (or more) doesn't do well, I want to alert them right away because we have a district-wide retake policy.  Canned Response allows me to create a response and save it.  Then when I want to use it, I simply open "compose" and choose the "canned response" I need ... fill in the student's name ... and send.  It saves me from having to copy and paste a typical email.

Here is a sample canned response:

I graded your paper on ... today.

Your grade was below 70.  If you would like to repair this grade, please come to tutoring one morning in the next 5 school days. 

I fill in the blank with the assignment that I graded, fill in students' names in "blind copy" and email.

These 2 techie tools are my favorites this week!

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