Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tutoring this summer!

I'm going to do some tutoring this summer with elementary students - grades 2, 3, and 5. The school they attend uses the Singapore math books. I'm putting together my manipulative kit ... found
most of what I need at the dollar store!

This is what I have on my list so far ... Sharpie marker, whiteboard, whiteboard markers, dice, poker chips – 4 colors to make place value chips, flat square tiles, index cards to make number bonding cards, and sticky notes. I'd love to find one set of base 10 blocks.

In addition I've been scouring the Internet for engaging learning activities that focus on number sense. I've collected several thanks to the many math bloggers!

I also created an activity - a simple hundred board counting activity where pieces of the board are broken and numbers are missing. Students simply fill in the missing numbers. The focus is on counting by ones but also +10 and -10.

(Download free copy of Hoppy Hundred Board Activity)

What are your favorite manipulatives for helping children with number sense?  Do you have an activity to share?

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