Friday, June 7, 2013

bombarded with innovations?

Reading Chapter 2 tonight, "The Case for Formative Assessment," in Wiliam's book, Embedded Formative Assessment.

Wiliam makes many statements that make so much sense.  This one caught my eye tonight.

 "Because teachers are bombarded with innovations, none of these innovations has time to take root, so nothing really changes.  And worse, not only is there little or no real improvement in what happens in classrooms, but teachers get justifiably cynical about the constant barrage of innovations to which they are subjected."

Does this happen in your district?  Is something new introduced every year?  How many different "innovations" have been pushed each year where you work?

This year may have been the first year in a while in which I experienced only 2 expectations for professional development ... and no new ones next year.  Our school's focus is on formative assessment and embedding technology well.  Last year, next year ... that's it!

I'm thankful for that ... because I want to develop my skill in using formative assessment effectively!

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