Saturday, January 7, 2023

Closures - How you know they know ...

Almost two weeks ago I wrote about "hooks" also known as anticipatory sets or  sometimes called warm-ups. The first few minutes of a lesson are critical for establishing student interest and engagement.

But what about closures?!?

Math By the Mountain has developed several posts about the significance of using exit tickets in secondary math classes.

Shelli created an awesome set of prompts for exit tickets ... check them out here.  Her prompts could be used not just for exit tickets but also for journal writing!

Sarah shared 25+ Exit Ticket Templates at Math Equals Love.

Ditch That Textbook has curated 20 ideas for Exit Tickets - not all math, but clearly, they might spark your own creativity!

Here are a few other ideas besides exit tickets - 

The Stoplight Method works - students can post a response to a prompt as they are leaving.  Check out this one minute video description.

Around the Room is another one - students pass a ball around the room, stating one thing they learned that day.

What's Inside - pairs/groups of students receive an envelope and inside could be a vocabulary word, a concept, a problem.  Students explain the connection to the lesson.

There are many more.  Check out these lists:
Tips on Leaving a Lesson Effectively

@LeeanneBranham mentioned the suggestion to start the next lesson with a closure to the previous one and she shared a 3-2-1 that worked for her.
Beginnings and endings are significant - and possibly the moments we plan for the least.

What ideas do you have to share?  How do you reserve 5 to 10 minutes for closure consistently?

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