Sunday, January 30, 2022

Curated Free Twos-Day Math Activities


Tuesday by David Wiesner

Tuesday by Wiesner is mostly a  wordless book, a mystery, maybe an opportunity to connect to problem-solving.

Two of Everything Book by Lily Toy Hong

In this book, everything the main character puts in a magic pot doubles! This could be a fun book to correlate with input/output math tables!

One Grain of Rice by Demi

This book is about doubling and would go great with working on addition doubles or multiplying by 2, or exponential functions.


Mash-Up Math has SIX free activities for K - 8.

MATH = LOVE HAS A TWOS-day puzzle.

Don Steward puzzle with "halving."

Don Steward puzzle using both doubling and halving.

Cool Math Trick (the answer is always 2!)

BTW ... here's another version of a math trick that results in 2 every time ... why not ask students to create their OWN math trick that results in 2 every time!

The Answer Is 2

  • Think of a whole number 1 through 10 (We’ll use 6)
  • Double it (6×2=12)
  • Add 4 (12+4=16)
  • Divide by 2 (16÷2=8)
  • Subtract the original number (8-6=2)
  • The answer is always 2!

FOUR Twos - what values can you make using only 4 twos?

EXTRA Puzzles

(1) Multiply the first three problems in the puzzle below. Can you determine the product for the last two using the pattern from your work?
(2) Calculate - 

What other ideas are there?  Please share in the comments!

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