Thursday, December 1, 2022

Sharing Research With Our Students

When I was teaching high school, I asked my students to read a summary of Make It Stick by Peter Brown (or watch a video summary). Then I asked them what they noticed, what they wondered.  Here are a few of their ideas.

What I notice:
  • “Make it Stick” focuses on how the student thinks about learning and goes about learning rather than how the material is taught
  • A majority of the chapters focus on how the student review or practice the content.
  • Academic skill revolves more around environment and effort.
  • I notice how the author mentions that cramming information before a test the next day isn’t as potent as people believe.
  • I also notice how he mentions retrieval practice and how it should be more spread out.
  • I believe I have experienced “the illusion of knowing” after re-reading content as a study strategy
  • When I study, I notice that using the retrieval method is more difficult than other methods
What I wonder:
  • Can someone pick up study skills or do they have to be developed over time?
  • Do genetics still influence how well someone does academically?
  • Does involvement in other non-academic activities have a positive influence on academic development?
  • Is a certain type of learning more powerful/memorable than another or if it is specific to the person?
  • Why does spacing out study sessions make your learning more potent causing your memory and learning to be stronger?
  • I wonder why arduous effort in retaining memory is more effective than memorizing something. 
  • I also wonder why i’ve never been taught this before as it provides great information on how to keep your grades in superb shape.
  • How were these studying strategies thought of, and how many people did they test them on?
  • I wonder if there are any methods even more effective than retrieval practice?

 Brown, P. (n.d.). Make it stick: The science of successful learning

How do you share the research you read with your students?

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