Thursday, August 29, 2019

Five Top Posts!

This month I highlighted sets of fives ... ideas on different topics.  On Saturday I'll publish the last of those for this month ... on the topic of a joyful classroom!

In this post I'd like to highlight the five posts on my blog that have had the most traffic.

Number 5: doesn't have a catchy title ... makes me wonder what folks searched to hit on this blog post! It's entitled MTBOSChallenge Week 5 Summary! The blog post mentions a favorite Odd One Out activity (aka Which One Doesn't Belong) and includes students' observations. It also links to some station activities that we did in class that day. The stations reviewed transformations, regression equations from data, function notation, domain and range as well as vocabulary.

Number 4:  Error Analysis Function Not a Function!  This was a simple post about an activity we did in class.  It includes a free error analysis activity.  Error analysis provokes critical thinking.  Students have to look closely at work to determine mistakes.  I used several error analysis activities ... check out these two:  Picture It Completing the SquareExponents Error Analysis.

Number 3:  Ideas for Sub Plans.  In this post I linked to my ideas for sub plans, Prealgebra with Pizzazz and Algebra with Pizzazz (old practice books), and a problem page on the Internet.  Some years later I posted again about sub plans ... you might check out that updated post!  In the last year of my teaching practice I used Google Forms most often to organize sub plans.  In Google Forms I could insert video, questions, and links to instructions.

Number 2:  Using Card Sorts in Math Class  Card Sorts are definitely fun activities.  With Desmos sorts became much easier ... I never enjoyed cutting cards! This is not an updated list but it has quite a few Desmos Card Sorts listed by topic!  Here's a card sort that I used with students to review solving equations ... sorting equations as true, sometimes true, always true!

AND the #1 ... 
Number 1:  A Collection of First Week Activities  I understand that we all need ideas for the first week of school.  Since this post was written, many ideas for the first week have been shared online!  Here are some amazing ideas for the first week of school:  Sara Vanderwerf first day/first week ideas are tops!  Math =Love has a list of 21 ideas ... amazing!  Last but not least YouCubed Week of Inspirational Math has excellent resources!

If you are looking for ideas ... check out math bloggers ... there is a wealth of help online!

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