Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crowdsourcing our Review #MTBoS30 - 4

I've been thinking of a way to review the functions we have studied this year.  

I've decided we will "crowd-source" a review document.  Students will sign up for a single topic on one of seven functions.  The topics are outlined on a Google spreadsheet that everyone will be able to access.

Then they will create one or two slides on the topic they sign up for.  The slides will be posted in a Google slide presentation shared with all students.

The final slide show will be a complete review of the functions we have studied.  I'll post the slides on our class website for students to use in their personal study.

Hopefully students will find the slides created by classmates helpful!


  1. Love this idea. Trying to give the kids choices in Geometry for assessment. Coming up with list of several projects that are of the same meatiness is a headache. Like the idea of crowdsourcing a given topic. Thanks