Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust 12: Classroom decor ... in progress

My first contract day is Monday.  I am slow in decorating so I went in this week to work on the task.  Unfortunately, the air conditioning has been broken ... and the upstairs classroom is really hot.  It's triple digits outside ... and not far from that inside.  So ... I worked until the heat got to me!  I just reminded myself most people pay for a sauna!

The room still needs work but I have a few pictures.  You'll recognize the posters from some of the poster gurus in the MTBoS!


I used the same material from last year as the background.  I changed the border.  These two 4x4 boards are in the front of the room.  On one of the boards will be new posters based on Make it Stick.  On the other are the usual ... school information posters.

This bulletin board is in the center of the back of the room.  I need to put the caption on it ... in the bottom box.

In the room the arrangement looked OK.  In this picture, the quotes at the bottom need to be aligned.  I may need to re-staple!

I'm in what used to be a science room.  The counter with drawers and cabinets is awesome!  Those blue boxes are for student files ... one box per class.  They are made by Boxa Hopper.  The back counter is for students ... the drawers hold paper, pencils, colors, and more.  I don't make a fuss over materials.  I invite their parents to help send in supplies and a few do.  It seems to work.

I have a LOT of wall space.  In the back I posted the names of our units in the order we will study them.  On the far side, I have more posters to put up.

My room is still too white!  But it is coming along.

These are a few new posters.  I created two of them and bought the third one.  I love the center phrase, "Just be awesome."

I still have a quite a bit of work to do.  They say the air conditioning may be fixed tomorrow.  I can't go back in the heat ... nearly did myself in today!


  1. I hear you about the heat. I asked the custodians if I could keep my air all year long, and I ran it quite a bit, even in the winter. I don't have windows, either. I'm jealous that you are in a science room. I am longing for the day when I can have room that is intended for my subject. :) I'm leaning toward going in today, even though it will be bad. I hope your air is fixed!

  2. Oh, how I can relate about the AC. Sometimes when my wife has me working on the never-ending list of home projects, I start sweating up a storm. I'm used to it. I'm a hard working man. But the day that the air conditioner went out in our house, you'd think my wife was made of sugar and sweat was just going to make her disappear. Needless to say, the air conditioner got fixed ASAP.