Sunday, November 23, 2014

NaBloPoMo #16 and #MTBoSChallenge Weekly Summary15

We finally made it to Thanksgiving Break.
This year we get a whole week!
It's amazing.
It's our first day off since Labor Day ... and it feels good!

Big events this week ...

  • Started decorating for Christmas yesterday ... put up the tree,
  • Shopped for stocking stuffers yesterday at Target.
  • Relaxed today at the movies ... Whiplash ... it was excellent.
  • Get to catch up on laundry tomorrow AND reading!
  • Twitter Chats ... #Alg2Chat on Monday & #Eduread on Wednesday
  • Flying to Tennessee to see family this week
  • Will spend less time on school work, more time on home & family!
When we return to school we will have 2 lessons, 1 unit review day, 1 unit test day, and an exam review day, and exams!  And then winter break!

Two things I'm thinking about for those upcoming lessons ... 
  • When we left this past week, I was not confident that students grasped completing the square as well as I want them to.  And I realize that in some classes I covered more detail than in others.  I want to create an outline prior to Monday's lessons so that every class gets the same information as a review.
  • I read about this out of seat activity on The Feedback Loop recently that I want to use when we review for our test.  I can envision students working with multiple partners, helping one another, and making sure that all understand the concepts.
Last ... I'm looking for fun, simple crafts and Christmas movies for our Friday night dates with our grandsons in the month of December.  Tomorrow will be a great day for research!

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