Sunday, October 12, 2014

#MTBoSChallenge Week 9 Summary

#MTBoS Challenge

My Summary of Week 9

3 Engaging Activities

  1. I wrote about our math oases, islands of study, in this post.  Students were highly engaged and the practice was worthwhile!
  2. We also worked through 8 stations in class this week.  I love station work because students again are talking the math, working together to solve problems, checking their work with my key, and when necessary hunting down their errors.  My only concern this time around was that our time was short, so I didn't grade the stations.  A few students took advantage of that.  I need a way to hold students accountable that doesn't end in a grade.  I should have continued the hole-punches that I used the day before on the study islands.
  3. The third engaging activity is happening on Tuesday.  It's a review game, ZAP (I wrote about it last year).  I'm excited about the process of working problems out in small teams, calling on a random team member, and then using the surprise of the ZAP cards to add fun to the game.
2 Fun Activities this week ... Balancing Act
  1. My husband and I don't get to the movies very often, but we did this weekend.  We saw The Judge.  I usually check Rotten Tomatoes for ratings ... and disagree wholeheartedly with the critics.  Both Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall give award winning performances!
  2. I shopped briefly at Lakeshore Learning and Half Price Bookstores this weekend.  I found a construction set half-price at Lakeshore ... a new set to stimulate my grandsons' imaginations.  I didn't buy anything at the bookstore this time ... but I always enjoy browsing there.  It's very relaxing!

I wish our district had a fall break.  Yes, I don't have students tomorrow, but I do have school, meetings, training.  I would gladly start school a few days earlier in August to have a 4 day weekend in October!

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