Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#70Days Day 1 - fast approaching!


Day 1 is fast approaching!  @druinok posted her first day ideas on her blog yesterday.  As school was ending a teammate and I discussed possible activities for day 1.  We wanted a data collection activity that would illustrate more than one function - but also something we could use to help students get to know one another.

We chose Pass the Ball.  In its simplest form the activity data should create a linear function.  To create quadratic data, each student says his own name, and the names of those who came before.  So I say my name and pass the ball; the next student says his own name and my name before passing the ball.  The third student says his name, the student before, and my name before passing the ball ... etc. 

Before we collect this data we will discuss a few questions briefly.
  • Why is learning to analyze data significant? 
  • What are keys to collecting useful data?
After collecting the data, I'll introduce students to the TI 84.  We keep a class set of calculators in the classroom.  While I love Desmos much more that the TI, the TI is the approved tool for testing.

After we review how to use the calculator, students will work in groups to analyze our data.

Here are the handouts planned right now ... 

The details are still fuzzy about how to flow from one activity to the next.  I also want to spend a little time getting to know my students - a few fun questions, a serious question or two.  I haven't decided what questions and how to collect the data.  I'm curious ... what inventory do you use in your classroom?

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