Monday, June 23, 2014

#70Days Clicking on Resources 2

Day 18/70

Loving the lazy morning of summer vacation!

Today's devotional phrase: Every action, circumstance, movement in our lives ... God's grace activated, God's grace in motion!

"God bestows grace, his favor, his pleasure in us, his delight in giving what we could never imagine or guess."

Peterson, in Practice Resurrection (a study of Ephesians) says the Greek word for "bestow" is in the New Testament only twice and never in classical Greek writings.  He says that bestow is the word "grace" as a verb. And in this book of Ephesians some form of grace occurs at least 20 times.

This morning, drawing near to the throne of grace, grateful for the outpouring of grace ... grace bestowed!

This week I'm catching up on Internet time - reading Tweets, blogs, following links to see what I can see!

You know the tune ... the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain to see what he could see!  (I have preschool grandchildren ... life can often be summed up in nursery songs!)

A few weeks ago I wrote about discussing favorite numbers with students.  Today while skimming through tweets, I found the Mathematical Association of America’s Number A Day blog.  Today's number happens to be 9908.  I can't wait to use this blog in my classroom for researching interesting facts about numbers!

In those tweets, I also saw an interesting discussion about learning styles and the questions that we want to clarify with students.  The Twitter conversation started with a reading of Creating a Differentiated Mathematics Classroom.  This is the article we are discussing on Wednesday evening in #EduRead!  From the preview conversations we should have a lively discussion!  Check out Read ... Chat ... Reflect blog for more information about our weekly chats!  And definitely join us in discussing learning styles and differentiation in math class!

One last interesting site for today ... Visualizing.Org ... a site all about data and design.  Printing off the graphics as posters would make for a colorful classroom and offer opportunities for question posing!

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  1. Thanks for pointing me to Next year I'll be teaching a couple of sections of social studies along with math and this will provide great discussion opportunities.