Saturday, June 7, 2014

#70Days - What's your Favorite Number?

Day 2

From Practice Resurrection by Eugene Peterson, the devotional phrase for this morning: God calls, we walk.

Axios … means worthy. The word picture is a balance scale.  Place a known weight in one pan (1 pound of lead for example) and then pour flour in the other pan.  When they balance, you know the weight of the flour is 1 pound.  The two items, lead and flour, are axios – worthy.  In Ephesians, Paul says walk worthy of the calling to which you have been called … meaning our walk must be in balance with the calling of God on our lives. When in balance we are living congruent with the way God calls us into being. When God’s calling and our walking fit, we are growing up in Christ.  God calls, we walk.

The balance scales are not static.  As God calls, we grow.  The balance can shift, it may need correction.  The Scripture says “work out your own salvation” … our work to stay in balance with the call of God … which means we must be listening to God’s voice.

Axios, worthy, God’s call, our walk, in balance when “God’s voice and our ears are in organic intimacy.”

After my devotional reading this morning I switched books ... to Beyond Infinity: a mathemattical adventure.  The book is about high schoolers who find a secret computer and passageway in the school.  But what caught my eye today was the main character's exposition of his favorite number, 313.  I was intrigued by the math but also because the passage fits so perfectly with a presentation I'm doing this summer on "warm-ups" in math class.  I'll be sharing some of my favorite websites like Estimation 180, Visual Patterns, 101 Questions and more.  AND we will be talking about number routines.  I plan to start the session by asking participants about their favorite numbers and why.  Then I planned to show a short clip from The Big Bang Theory ... this one:

Now I have an additional number routine to share ... and it's awesome.  I have to admit, "happy" numbers are new to me ... and I look forward to exploring them with my students!

Check out the number routine passage from Beyond Infinity: a mathemattical adventure by Charles Fischer!  In fact ... check out the book!  It's awesome!

This has been a great start to Day 2 of 70 Days of summer ... now on to some gardening :)


  1. Beth

    If you have 20 minutes to spare you should listen to this
    It's fantastic and your post reminded me of this conversation.

    Happy summer to you!

    1. Thank you, thank you! I will definitely listen!

      Isn't summer break grand!

  2. More on favorite numbers based on the RadioLab entry above ... Bellos took a survey, find out what numbers were "favored" and why!

  3. Thanks for that link! It's on my evernote now and it'll come in handy at some point next year in AP Stats.