Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lesson Planning ... spring break is over ...

Long breaks spoil me ... can't say I'm ready to go back to school ... I know once I get there I'll be fine :)

So this weekend as I was looking over my plans for Monday I was not satisfied with what I had.  The topic of the day is properties of logs.  I decided to visit math blogs to see what others had done with this topic.  I found many ideas.  Here are my plans for tomorrow:

Lesson Plan March 17

1) Opening Activity:  We may share spring break stories ... or I might show this 3 minute video on St Patrick's Day little known facts!  I also love this infographic - St. Patrick's Day By the Numbers!

2) Warm-Up with this powerpoint ... practicing just a little bit of mental math related to logs.

3) Discovery  Discussion of Properties of Logs using Kate's outline.

4) For practice I created 4 sets of problems.  In each set there are six problems to condense and six problems to expand.  I orchestrated the problems so that the condensing and expanding are the same problems.  Students will work the problems on the cards they choose.  Then students with the same colors will get together and check their work making sure their answers match the problems on the A and B cards.  We will do a second round, so students will swap colors with a classmate and repeat the process.

5) Last I have a typical routine worksheet for students to complete.

Students will take a short test on properties of logs in their next class.

We tried to finish our unit on Exponentials and Logs before spring break but didn't quite make it.  This is the last topic in the unit.  Rational (or Reciprocal) Functions are up next!

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