Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mini-Project and Lesson Planning

This week I want to get back into my blogging routine.

I gave a unit test last Wednesday and Thursday on the attributes of exponential and logarithm functions.  Friday and Monday are are given to the district benchmark test.

Then TUESDAY .... we just into solving exponential and logarithm functions.  I am working on last minute plans for the unit!

So with the long testing sequence, I decided to assign a mini-project.  I borrowed ideas from Fawn and from Sam to create a very similar mini-project assignment.

This is a very specific homework assignment ... requiring students to explore some math beyond our typical curriculum.

Already a few students have sent their work via email.  A couple of them worked on a post from Math Munch and explored the app called Silk.  Oh what fun!  Because students talked about it, I had to go to Silk ... I created a flower and loved it!

Tuesday is coming fast ... I know I'm starting with Mathalicious, iPod dPreciation!  From there ... hmmm ...

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