Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Planning ... again and again!

The icy blast messed with my observation lesson.  Maybe just as well since I am not pleased with the results of flipping this short unit on rational exponents.  I am still reflecting on the process.  What did I do that I could have done better?  What didn't I do that I should have done?  Flipping lessons is not an easy process to be sure!

And so now ... I am planning the next unit ... and the lesson that will be observed!  The lesson to be observed is our introductory lesson to the exponential function.  Typically in our course of study, we introduce each function with a data collection day.  My PLC has chosen an M and M activity that simulates the growth of cancer cells as well as the loss of cells when in therapy.  I will use that activity as well but I want to set the stage for students before we jump into the counting (and eating) of M and Ms.

I'm thinking about leading with this question, "What do a feature film, talent scout, disease and mythbuster share in common? What do they have to do with math?"

More tomorrow ... as I ponder the details, how to order my ideas, how to engage students in meaningful work, and how to demonstrate to my administrator that I "get" the school initiatives!

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