Thursday, October 17, 2013

Absolute Value - Lesson Planning continued

I'm continuing to work on my opening lesson plan on absolute value.  I published my first thoughts a few days ago.  Today, I am sharing my "handout" that I plan to use with students.

Here is the lesson plan outline.

I've decided to incorporate in our discussion as well.  Students need to be able to graph the data on their TI 83/84s.  But this seems like a great opportunity to explore Desmos as well.  I want students to get familiar with the site so that they can use it in future lessons.

In our absolute value unit, we explore the meaning of the function, develop the definition, solve equations, and transform the function.  We'll spend just four class days ... it will be a whirlwind study!


  1. Fantastic lesson and handout! I hope to hear more about how you incorporated Desmos and what your students thought about it. Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work!!

    1. In that lesson I wanted students to learn how to use the table feature of Desmos. They already appreciate the graphing. They are still learning how to adjust the window. Soon I want to show them how to limit the domain (and range) in preparation for doing one of the Desmos puzzles. Thank you for stopping by! Check out my 180 Day blog at