Thursday, September 19, 2013

My new Fave ... Edmodo!

I used Edmodo for the first time this week to give a quiz.

It's a win-win situation.

  • Students receive instant feedback.  
  • They can review the quiz questions they missed - right then or later.  
  • The program randomizes the questions and answers in case you have wandering eyes in your classroom.  
  • The program provides me with graphs of how well students did on each question so I know which ones I might need to spiral back in our conversations.
  • I can easily create a 'retake' quiz because when you ask to edit a previously created quiz, the program automatically opens a copy for you.  That copy can be renamed, questions tweaked ... and the retake is ready to go.
  • I don't take home 150 papers daily ... fight to grade them all ... so I can return them in a timely manner!
Formative assessment just got easier by a long shot!  I can give a quick check, look at the scores, determine who needs help, create small teaching groups or set up tutoring sessions.

I like to take baby steps when using new platforms.  After we have taken a couple of quizzes and we have that process under control, I want to use the front page ... "notes" very much like the "status" page on Facebook, for class discussion.  I plan to use the Math Munch site as our source of discussion topics.  Hopefully I can report on that in a week or two!

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