Saturday, September 21, 2013

Favorite Resources

I am looking forward to reading about everyone's favorite resources!

I'm not sure I know where to start ...

The past two weeks I've posted about some favorite techie type resources ...

I use my PHONE everyday!  What did we do without them!  I take pictures, I use CamScanner to create pdfs to post online.

I've just started using Edmodo.  Our administration introduced Edmodo last spring but I was too overwhelmed then to start anything new.  This year, I am finding out what a bonus it can be.  I love giving my quizzes online.  Obviously it means I take home less papers to grade.  BUT it benefits the students ... they get instant feedback and they can easily review the questions when they need to.  We have a writing across disciplines initiative this year.  I plan for students to write reflections, thoughts in Edmodo.  I am hoping that will be more appealing to them than writing "papers" in math ... and it gives us all the opportunity to respond to one another's ideas.  Math Munch will be my go to site for reflection and discussion!

I've had several parents thank me for creating YouTube videos this year.  They are nothing special ... and I need to get better at them.  I use my document camera, laptop, and Movie Maker to capture the work on a single problem (sometimes 2).  I use the videos to multiply my tutoring power.  I can only stay after school so many hours, and I want students to have help when they need it.  So the short (3 - 5 minutes) explanations of homework problems or extensions from our classwork have the potential to be powerful in student learning.  My parents/students are saying this is a favorite resource!

I use my list of Super Sites in lesson planning ... checking each of those sites to see how I can transform "plain" lessons into engaging opportunities for thinking, discussing and learning.  I'm adding Mathagogy to the list ... Julie blogs about a lesson that sounds awesome!  I look forward to watching the 2 minute videos!

And of course, I visit the MTBoS blogs, making note of questioning strategies, projects, foldables, and more ... amazingly great ideas!  I use Feedly and Bloglovin to keep track of the blogs I read, marking them when I need to save ideas.

A new resource I've bookmarked is YouCubed.  Jo Boaler is putting together the site with information she shared in the course How to Learn Math this summer.  I know how easy it is to participate in excellent professional development only to get caught up in the hectic daily work ... and let the good ideas slip away.

There are so many resources, that I sometimes find myself lost in the reading and learning ... the noticing and wondering ... and when I look up ... way too much time has elapsed!

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