Thursday, April 22, 2021

YouTube Channel worth exploring ...


Looking for challenge problems that address SAT, ACT, AMC and a whole host of other ABCs??

I like this Youtube Channel - I think you'll find interesting problems and complete solutions!  

How might you use this in class?  

1) What if you used it as a bonus for each unit? Or an extension for students who master the required content early? 

2) How about asking students if they can find a different way to solve - working on flexibility?

3) What about asking paired students to choose one problem (from your curated selection) to present to the class?  Build in cooperative skills, presentation skills, as well as working on math skills?

4) Only half of your class present due to a field trip or other event?  Don't want to teach "new" material?  Use one of these challenge problems!

How else might you use them?

Here's a sample:

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