Saturday, August 4, 2018

Using a #mathfail for a #mathchallenge

It's fun to snap pictures of #mathfails here and there!  Today I saw this one in my Facebook feed.

At first glance there isn't much to this ... but then I wondered how I could use it in class.  I post puzzles on a bulletin board, and try to post a cartoon, comic or puzzle on some printed assignments.  I decided I could use this #mathfail in that way.  So ... I decided to pose this question:

Is there a base other than base 10 in which this would be a true fact? 
Create 3 additional facts with incorrect answers in our base 10, and find a base in which the answer would be correct.

Would you use this type of question for enrichment or in your puzzle corner??



  1. Oh wow - what a great extension question. I've never had the chance to talk about other bases, but I love love love this idea!

    1. Thanks! Talking about other bases doesn't seem to fit in well in high school curriculum but it is great fun!