Monday, July 17, 2017

Reposting ... 5 Websites You Need to Visit!!

5 websites you need to spend an hour at and steal amazing resources for your classroom this fall.

Sara has collected an excellent set of resources! And her recommendation to spend one hour on each site is perfect … except I bet you can spend just one hour!
If you are looking for ways to increase depth of knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity as well as just plain math fun … check these out!

I have not used a math textbook with my students since returning to teaching 4 years ago.  My curriculum is the Minnesota State Math Standards.  (we have never  been a common core state).  I follow my district’s pacing of units, unit length and common assessments.  Beyond that I collect the resources I use from a variety of places.  You may not be like me and follow a textbook.  No matter who you are, there are a ton of resources for math educators online that we will all find useful.
I have known about the following 5 sites for years and during the busy school year I find my self thinking “I need to spend an hour here and ‘right click, copy and save’ so many things from this site.”  So this summer I am spending 1 hour at each of the 5 websites below. I have 8 word docs…
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