Sunday, April 24, 2016

Re-engaging / Sharing / Quizlet Live

It's been too long since I last posted.

Spring fever
Spring break
Kitchen remodel
the Stuff of life

I've been lurking ... reading Twitter, catching a blog post here and there ... but feeling like there really isn't much to write about.  But here goes anyway ...

Since the last post we tackled radical functions focusing on square root and cube root problems.  Then we explored exponential and logarithm functions, first graphically, and then algebraically.  We are testing tomorrow on solving exponential and logarithmic equations.

Activities included ...
M & M lab for illustrating growth and decay

Desmos activities for building visual and conceptual understanding

Two person games

Plenty of paper/pencil practice, including application problems.

But the new thing we tried was a new online game ... Quizlet Live.  Have you looked at it yet?!?  It's not just fun, it promotes team collaboration, engagement, and practice.

  • First I put together 12 log/exponential equations and their answers.  Quizlet has it's own math type.
  • Next, I clicked play live.
  • Student join the game using a code.  It's what happens next that makes it different from Kahoot, Quizizz, and so on ... 
  • Quizlet puts students in teams.  At this point the room breaks out in a bit of pandemonium and students find their teammates and get ready to work.
  • When the game starts, all students see the same question, but on each team member's screen there are different answer choices.  Only one team member has the correct answer.  All teammates work together to solve the problem, finding the answer on one of the screens.
  • And the race is off.
  • But that's not all ... if a team misses a question, they are sent back to the start.  Now it's not helpful to just guess.
  • After the game, you can review the questions that students missed.
  • It's high energy, high involvement, fun practice.
  • Here is a link to the log equation practice:

I also put together a Quizlet Live game on finance vocabulary - one of the emphases in our solving log/exponential equations.  After listening to students work through the vocabulary I can see how Quizlet Live would be specifically helpful in vocabulary studies.

I'm working on a Quizlet Live game for a year-end review.  I haven't tried it out yet ... but here is the link.  You can adapt it for your own class.

Just FYI ... I have a free membership to Quizlet.  Right now the use of Quizlet Live is free.  I hope it remains that way!

We are winding down.  Students will work on a data analysis, line of best fit project and explore sequences/series briefly before the end of the year.

I hope to share their projects ... we'll see how it goes.


  1. Beth, thanks for sharing your Quizlet Live activity. I've never used quizlet before and am pretty excited about having this new tool available to use with my kiddos.

  2. Hi Bonnie - One of our teachers here at school is interested in using Quizlet Live but is concerned about being able to input the complex mathematical equations & characters. Can you share your tips & tricks?

    1. I put problems on one side and the solution on the other ... typed in equations using the built in math type supplied by Quizlet. I also did math vocab which works the very best. It isn't the best tool if you need to display graphs. Quizziz would be better in that instance.