Saturday, February 13, 2016

They created their own Quizizz!

We are wrapping up our unit on Rational Functions.

First we studied their graphs!
We learned about asymptotes (ditches) and removable discontinuities (holes).
Students able to analyze the key attributes of rational functions.

Then we jumped into the simplifying and solving.
We learned how to find common denominators.
We learned how to apply rational functions to a variety of word problems involving rate ... travel rate, distance rate, cost per person, mixture rate.

Instead of my creating a game for students to review, I asked students to create their own Quizizz game.  They created accounts, developed 10 problems, determined thoughtful multiple choice answers, and uploaded those.

They came to class armed with their Quizizz links!  I grouped desks together, and invite them to share their games.  They played for 40 - 50 minutes.  They swapped codes, advertised their codes on the board.  The conversations were lively.  They checked each other's work; complained when they found errors; got excited when they scored well on games.

After playing I asked students about their confidence level on the math skills.  I also asked them if they enjoyed creating their own games.

Their test is Tuesday.  I'm concerned about their confidence levels.  I've provided review documents, videos, and will provide a study prep session before school.  I realize that the data showing is just a few students - but the average is only about 3 out of 5.

Students reported not enjoying putting the Quizizz test together.  They said it was a lot of work.  It's the last week of the marking period and students were feeling the pressure from many courses.  Timing wasn't great.  If I ask students to create a game again, we will definitely work in teams on the assignment.  We might also develop a problem or two after each lesson so students aren't having to create a game from scratch at the end of a unit.

As I work Tuesday's test this weekend, I know we have prepared well.  In my mind this is the more difficult of the units we study; the more abstract; the more challenging.  

Somehow I want to help students with their confidence levels.  How do you do that in your classroom?

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