Thursday, December 3, 2015

My favorite iPad app

I'm sharing my favorite iPad app today in a local training in our district.  If you have iPads at school, I highly recommend exploring ClassKick to see how it might be helpful in your classroom.  It's a free app ... completely.  It is similar to Nearpod as far as the look of the slides, being able to write on slides, etc.  But with ClassKick the slides are student navigated.  So Class Kick is great for differentiating by pacing, students working at their own pace.  It is also great for centers or stations ... everyone doesn't have to be on the same set of slides.  From the teacher's perspective you can see all student work and comment on it.  The feedback opportunities are good.  I like that students can raise an electronic hand to let you know they need help.  Students can help one another as well.

Check it out here ...