Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quadratics - equations and graphs

I'm organizing Unit 3 online using Google Sites.

Even though students already have access to all of our class documents, I wanted an arrangement of the Unit that was easily accessible, organized by lessons, and provided quick access to notes, links, and activities.

In this unit we will try a few new things.

  1. I planned a card sort using Padlet.  Carla, from the Padlet support team, helped me think through the card sort.  I'll blog about it next week after we try it out!
  2. I planned notes that students will complete after adding them to their Google Drive.
  3. We will use an applet to experiment with completing the square.  It does not run on the iPads.  I need to double check that it will run on student laptops.
While I created some materials, some are definitely borrowed from MTBoS folks online.  The front page of the unit is a Match My Parabola set of activities by Michael Fenton.  I used a few pictures from Dan Meyer's Will It Make the Hoop work in a Desmos activity.  I also used a portion of Sam Shah's complete the square activity.

The website or unit, rather, is a work in progress.

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