Saturday, August 8, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust 8 Ideas Percolating

Something I read/learned this summer that intrigued me…

I read Make It Stick again this summer ... and this time, I'm hoping it sticks! Last summer I read it, was excited about it, but I didn't act on what I had learned.

This summer is different.  I read and discussed it. Pulled key ideas out.  Created a couple of classroom posters.  Beginning to think about how to address homework.  Ideas are percolating in the back of the brain.

In preparation I need for students to interact with the content of Make it Stick.

I've seen Julie's lesson plan ... very nice!
And Pam's and Meg's handouts! Awesome!

I have ideas and materials ... now I just need to put it all into a format that fits our class.  I know I want students to interact with some video and text, think their own thoughts, discuss those thoughts with others, and create something. Still refining the purpose/goal.

My to-do list keeps piling up :)  I'm beginning to feel the familiar tension between urgency and  procrastination.

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