Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust 25: Day 1 Hooray!

Day 1 done!  And a good day it was :)

There were high-fives for all students today!  And without any transition we jumped into math!

I used a 3-act math task to get students talking.  I chose the Hot Dog competition task by Kaplinsky because the math was within reach and would help me see how students approached problem solving.

Some students did a lot of adding; others made a table of values; one student said I found the slope to get an equation.  A few students said they used the pattern in the numbers to answer the questions.

The conversations were tentative at first but most students engaged with their new classmates.

Our transition was a bit abrupt in some classes but after sharing out their strategies for the Hot Dog task, I asked students how their work in math class compared to the work of mathematicians.  They talked in their groups a bit, and shared ideas.  Then they read parts of chapter 1 from Jo Boaler's book, What's Math Got To Do With It and shared out again ...

I used their ideas to elaborate a bit on our class, the expectations in coming days.

Tonight they are reading or watching a video summary of Make It Stick and recording their noticings and wonderings!

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