Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#70 Days Creative thinking!

Each year, to maintain my certification in gifted education in Texas, I am required to get six hours of training. This week, I attended a training with a focus on creativity. The team that made the presentation offered several good ideas for infusing creativity in curriculum.

Here are some ideas that can be adapted to math class:

Idea One:  Forced association with sketching and writing:

Idea Two:  Fluency/Flexibility Exercise:
When asking students to brainstorm fluency lists, give them a short time (maybe 2 minutes).  Then have students draw a line and do it again.

After they create their category lists, have students share their various categories.  How are the categories different?

Idea Three:  Thunks

Idea Four: 6 degrees of separation

The presenters shared other ideas ... including synectics and "which one doesn't belong!"  They also share a number of excellent motivational videos.  I hope to review them to see if any of them would work with students.

I look forward to infusing creative thinking in my math class - opportunities for students to flex their  divergent thinking.

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