Saturday, July 11, 2015

#70 Days Why spend time with Tackk this week?

I had some time this week to work on lesson planning.  It's mid-July, and school will start soon enough.  Training days, classroom setup will take a lot of time.  I want to have head start on planning.  Our team met in late May to outline the first unit so I've been fleshing out those plans.

I decided to try out Smore, Versal and Tackk after having seen them illustrated in a recent seminar. What intrigued me about all three of these tools is the organizational pattern, the flow of the screen, and the functionality of one link!

My students have laptops assigned to them - they carry them to and from school.  Additionally we will have an iPad cart in the room for the first time.  

Last year I used Google Classroom ... or at least I did for the last six weeks last year.  It can be very beneficial in delivering, organizing, and collecting student work.   

So what about Tackk?  Here are some first thoughts ... understanding of course that this is summer planning, not school-tested yet.

  1. I can organize all parts of a lesson in the order that we will use them in an attractive scrolling format.  That means I can put notes, video, Desmos, Padlet, Kahoot, Socrative ... all the tools we will use in one tool ... with just one link.  Once students link to the Tackk, they have access to all the other tools with a click.
  2. I can upload the Tackk's one link to Google Classroom - all students have access to all the parts of the lesson. 
  3. Tackk can be embedded on the class website, in a blog; the link can be sent to parents who want to know what students are learning.
  4. It's easy!  I assemble the lesson parts in a folder.  Then I insert, upload in Tackk and publish!
I have one more lesson in our first unit.  I can't wait to try it out in August!

Here is a list of the Tackks for unit 1!

TACKK is no longer available ... ugh!

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