Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#70 Days Preparing a Desmos Presentation

I have the opportunity to present on our "Job Alike" training day.  It's a one day training in our before-school prep days when all teachers in a particular discipline gather from around our district.

I was asked to present something from technology and I volunteered a couple of ideas ... the powers that be chose Desmos.  I'm excited to share it because it is definitely a tool that students find helpful!

I've started on the presentation.  But I realize that my perspective might be limited ... so what suggestions do you have?  What else should I include?

To view the work so far go to this link.

I used Kyle Pearce's examples for a few of my pages.  I'm grateful for his examples on how to use Desmos as an inquiry tool demonstrated at iPadpalooza this summer.  

I also plan to share my students' creative art as examples of how to use Desmos in a culminating project.  I know this slide show doesn't show their equations but it does highlight their art!

Please offer your ideas in the comments!  Thank you :)


  1. Love your ideas! Can't wait to learn at Job Alike!

    1. Hi Kim ... Thanks for the encouragement!


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