Thursday, April 9, 2015

Speed Dating with Rational Functions

We are learning about Rational Functions.  In our last class we took notes on how to identify attributes ... discontinuities (asymptotes and holes) and intercepts as well as domain and range.  It was a lot ... and I knew students needed repeated practice.

So today I tried speed dating for the first time.  I thought it worked out great!  More importantly a student said, "This was great!  The repetition was just what I needed.  When I left class the other day I wondered how I was going to memorize all of those details."

I used Kuta to create a class set of problems.  I created individual cards for each of the problems.  Students became experts on their individual problems and checked their work.  Then we began working, moving from chair to chair every 3 - 4 minutes.  Students practiced factoring and finding attributes.  They coached one another. They did well!

I can envision using this strategy again when we need routine practice!

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