Thursday, November 6, 2014

NaBloPoMo #5: Catalog shopping

I'm sitting in my favorite chair - a comfy recliner.  I have a cup of coffee on the side table, and a stack of catalogs in my lap.  I love to shop catalogs.  Right now I'm shopping for 2 grandsons who are 3 and 5 years old ... amazing ages for a myriad of toys.

Some of my favorite catalogs for young kids are ...

Hearth Song ... their tag, "toys you'll feel good about giving" is true!

One Step Ahead ... "helping you raise happy, healthy kids" ... and it's especially good for the baby/toddler ages.

Cricket ... it's best known for its magazines - and they are THE best!  from Babybug to Ladybug, Ask, Cricket, Muse, Odyssey ... you can't find better mags for kids!

MindWare ... yep ... brainy toys for kids of all ages!

and one more ... Fat Brain Toys ... check out their latest holiday catalog ... great toys!

Granted, in these catalogs you will not find the latest movie inspired toys, very few super heroes, very few of your typical toy aisle fare.  But you will find high quality games, building toys, imaginative play!

If you are a classroom teacher in a school where parents/students give gifts to the teacher, then why not ask for gifts for your classroom from one of these catalogs!

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