Sunday, November 16, 2014

NaBloPoMo #13 and #MTBoSChallenge Weekly Summary 14

I love the holiday season!  I am easily distracted!

The focus for this week ... 
  1. Factoring!  I teach students to use the X (or diamond) puzzle and a table to organize/find factors.  I teach the "box" method and "grouping" method for factoring.  We emphasize four levels - only a GCF present, a = 1, a > 1, and combinations.  On Monday I want students to compare box and grouping methods to look for similarities and differences.  Already I hear them saying they "love" the box method.  Only a few say - wow, grouping makes sense. 
  2. Completing the square!  I plan to use Sam's lesson (found here) to take students through the process of completing the square step by step!
  3. Friday is an "extra" day in our curriculum plan ... so I plan to do some enrichment activities that day.  I pretty sure we will do Desmos' Penny Circle activity and work on our blogs.  We have the whole next week off (which is well-deserved since we haven't had a day since Labor Day!)
Two holiday favorites ...

  1. I love Christmas music ... already I'm listening to my favorites!
  2. Holiday magazines ... I don't buy magazines often ... except the November and December issues.  I love to browse, make lists from the ideas I see, find new recipes.
A first this week

Our school has decided to do instructional rounds.  Monday is the first event.  The focus is collecting data about critical thinking.  

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