Sunday, September 21, 2014

#MTBoSChallenge Week 6 Summary

Week 6 Summary ... 

Grading ... it's going to get the best of me ... 3 reasons ... 
  1. We have a new grade book that crashes almost every time I start to enter grades.
  2. We decided to give a non-calculator and calculator version of every test to prepare students for future big tests.  That means I have 160 x 2 tests for each unit!  The first unit was particularly picky to grade - domain, range, transformations, problem solving.  And no, we don't do multiple choice questions.
  3. Last year we did not count homework in the grades and some PLC members felt that diminished the value of it.  So it counts this year as 10%.  That means I have the privilege of grading 160 homework papers as often as I give it?  And I am not allowed to give completion grades.
To help balance the negativity, here are 2 awesome things that happened this week!
  1. I email my parents weekly ... I just believe that communication is important in high school just like it was in elementary school.  One parent expressed her appreciation of the emails not just to my supervisor but also to our school superintendent!  Called me "world class," made me blush, made me smile!
  2. Students have been working on problem solving this week.  I've been impressed with their perseverance!  They are figuring out that I'm going to counter their questions with a question.  They are not giving up!
One thing non-school related to share ... I joined a local book club that meets once a month.  I enjoy reading but in recent months - maybe years, I had not been enjoying as much as I once did.  I decided a book club might help me focus on books with a bit more depth, and provide some social interaction as well.  We are currently reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ... and I'm enjoying it!

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