Saturday, September 6, 2014

#MTBoSChallenge Week 4 ... reflecting on the first days

Reflecting on our first two weeks ...

Trying to ask better questions ...

Day 1:

  • "How does this equation relate to the problem situation?"  
  • "Are all the points generated by the regression equation valid for the problem situation?  Explain why."
  • Why is the domain/range for the equation different from the problem situation?  Would that always be true?
Day 2
  • When might this description of a relationship be discrete?  When might it be continuous?
Day 3
  • How are these parent functions similar?  How are they different?
Day 4
  • Let's don't mention your solutions right now.  Describe the processes you are using to solve the puzzle ... 

Students were feeling uneasy on the first day ... but each day I see more students growing more confident in sharing their thoughts.  We've also had the opportunity to celebrate incorrect responses, opportunities to point out that it's OK to make mistakes, it's in the mistakes that we learn the most!


  1. I need to work on asking better questions this year. Hope you have a great second week.

  2. Love that you are celebrating mistakes! Keep it up!