Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Currently ...

Today I am linking with Farley's July Currently!

I filled out part of the chart yesterday while the grandsons were watching a bit of TV ... so the listening part is about tuning in to cartoons.

One of my favorite parts of the summer are the slow mornings.  I am not an early morning person.  Don't get me wrong - I wake up plenty early, even in the summertime.  But although my eyes are open, and I feel the need to arise from bed, my mind (and body) likes the slow amble to the coffee pot and the quiet meditating time.  I usually take my computer with me as I brew that first cup of coffee and head to the patio.  (We enclosed it this past spring - a super idea!).  As I sip hot brew, my mind takes its time warming up to the idea that another day has dawned!  I love the slow mornings!

And what do I find myself thinking about most often ... yup! that's right!  I'm thinking about education, school, teaching math, lesson planning!  It's crazy, I know.  I find myself skimming through my Feedly to see who has added an interesting idea or math tidbit to challenge me.  Then I look for one more good way to teach required content.  It's really difficult to turn off that part of my thinking!

And since I'm thinking so much about school still, I want the clocks to move slowly through these summer hours!  While I choose to think about school even in the summer, I'm not ready to face the reality of school just yet!

I had big plans for the summer as far as eating healthy, exercising more, and putting off a few pounds.  We eat reasonably healthy; our family focuses on whole foods, little to no packaged products, less sugar and grain than the average bear.  And this summer I have been in the pool almost everyday.  But the pounds, they do stick!  I haven't managed to tip the scales in the negative direction at all!

Friday is the Fourth!  We might walk to the local park where some fireworks will take place.  But there's a good chance we'll just catch the explosions on TV.  During the day, I doubt we will do anything historic.  If all goes well, we may grill some ribs!

What's happening in your July life?

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