Monday, July 7, 2014

#70Days Systems of Inequalities Lesson Planning

A bit of lesson planning tonight ... still thinking about systems.

This year I want to organize our notes using the Cornell formatting.  In the first unit the notes are scripted with fill in the blank.  In this second unit, I've included the focus questions and will guide students in taking notes in the main section.

Students will start in small groups.  They will discuss the guiding questions and make notes on whiteboards.  Then we will reconvene as a whole class to discuss together, compile their thoughts, and make notes.  Whole class discussion is described here.

After discussing the notes, students will meet again in their groups to work through the given problem. Students will create posters of their work to display.  As students are working, I want to try a formative assessment strategy entitled, "What are you doing and why?"  It's #73 in the book, Mathematics Formative Assessment: 75 Practical Strategies for Linking Assessment, Instruction, and Learning.  After students have had time to get well into the problem, I will ask them to "press pause" and respond to the question, "What are you doing right now? and "Why?"  Students will have just a minute or so to explain what processes they are doing and why.  I hope that in using this particular strategy students will become more aware of their thinking and have the opportunity to hear the thinking from other table groups.

We'll hang the posters and share the outcomes.  At this time we will discuss how the polygon formed by intersecting inequalities informs decision making in a linear programming problem.

Here is a copy of our notes:

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